Friday, June 6, 2008

Switching Schools

Almost two months has passed since my last post. Nothing exciting has happened, except the school I'm attending. I was hesitant to say which school it was because I couldn't find any definitive comments on their Bachelor of Science program. After that post I did find something that basically said "if you're going there for a financial degree, you're not only wasting your money, you're negatively affecting your chances for a job in that field". The school was DeVry. Not only was it extremely expensive, but it was also extremely easy. The final exam was open book, as well as open study guide (which was basically the final exam, with some numbers transposed), and open previous quizzes. It was a joke.

So after further research, I've decided to try for University of Washington's School of Business (Foster School). I'm going to attend North Seattle Community College and get an Associates of Business degree, which can be used for the 4 year bachelor's degree at UW. Not only is the NSCC 15% of the price of DeVry, but from people I've talked to, you actually learn there (I couldn't find anyone to talk to that'd gone to DeVry).

So, that's the only update for now. My classes starts in 3 weeks (English & Macroeconomics); we'll see how it is.

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