Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why are we here?

I created this (yet another...) blog to try something out. I'm at the beginning of a road I haven't driven down yet, and I want to document the route I take, where I make stops, who I meet along the way, what signs I see (and ignore), and finally, where I end up.

The road began unknowingly a year ago when my wife and I decided to refinance our house and pull out equity to invest. Up until this point, my only real experience (or interest) in finance was my 401K, which sat in a couple of Vanguard funds and pretty much did it's own thing (usually being nice to me, thanks to the great international market of the last few years). All of a sudden I grew obsessed with how to invest this money wisely. I read books, blogs, talked to others, even got a financial adviser.

Which leads to the road I'm about to go down now. I'm about to finish the first class necessary to get a Bachelor of Science in Finance. After spending the better part of a year reading nothing but non-fictional financial and investment books, I figured maybe I had an interest in this beyond just making sure my own money was put somewhere wisely. I wanted to learn everything about anything financial. I decided to finally get my Bachelor's degree (after a few other colleges I never graduated from, mostly in computer science).

So now, I have no idea where I'll end up. I may go program financial software. I may become a financial adviser. I may do nothing more than be the guy you ask questions about investments.

But this blog will document it all. Or some of it all. Like what books I'm reading, classes I'm taking, thoughts I'm having on investing, mistakes I'm making.

Either that or it'll be one entry and then I'll get bored with it (my attention span seems to drift a bit).